the idea for this book came while traveling in mexico where i realized all i had were ideas. these are just some of them. except for the preface and prologue, these poems were written with the idea/ notion of the road, being on the road and where it interconnects with the city. are ideas feelings? sometimes, i feel i think so.
       these poems are inspired by the beats. everything by amiri baraka. ginsberg’s howl and america. kerouac’s mexico city blues. burroughs’ battles. but also rimbaud, basho, nezahualcooyotl, saul Williams, blake, cummings even shakespeare. indirectly, through ideas/ notions, they’ve been my mentors/ teachers/ fathers/ brothers. and a slave i have become to these notions and ideas. so much so that i can feel them in me- alive.
       and then came all the kids i met like rastitas, jeffrey, rafa, salvador, paloma, selan (queretaro), taiwan en puerto escondido, who treated us very well. buenas vibras hermanos. my uncle guicho, who showed me there were others like me in the family. my sister and monica (mi monita)- mi banda (remember mojitos?). my parents and angelica- hope you enjoyed the trip. angelica when you’re older, we got a lot to show you. bueno me despido. keep learning to make truth. it’s what’s in your heart.
       i’m not afraid of disappearing and i’m not trying to be famous. i’m just sharing what little i have.

(while in guanajuato, san miguel de allende, and mexico city, my parents and little sister were around, so what you see is all i got.)


4 thoughts on “prologue.

    • Thank you so much. I once had a shaman tell me my voice was my strongest weapon because I had told him sometimes I don’t listen enough. He told me I was wrong, and that I should use my voice more. I’m still learning to do that.


  1. It was nice seeing Saul Williams on your list. I live in the shady hollows of deep south America (Georgia) where poetry is as strange of an idea as actually walking your dog rather leaving it tied to a tree for its entire life like a Christmas ornament.
    I really enjoyed this.
    You should give Aesop Rock a listen.


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