preface: notions l-n.

notion l.


will you still
be here
when night comes near?


and i don’t want you to go,
but don’t know how to say,
“please stay
in my arms forever,
melt away like sins of youth
till our love becomes like truth.”






notion m.

become like truth,
like two children
scheming at the kissing booth.






notion n.

i only ever wanted to be
a single living entity, a human being,
but everyone kept saying, i had to choose something-
schemas developed by their psyche.
so i chose, now, i’m feeling lonely and ugly
like everything else, everyone else,
but myself,
but me, but me.
why can’t i just be me.


3 thoughts on “preface: notions l-n.

      • It pierced me all the way to my soul.

        I have a great appreciation for all poetry, but some people have a way of speaking to you through their writing, on a level that defies explanation. It just is.

        And I daresay you’ve stayed true to yourself. Always be. 🙂


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