patiently awaiting promotion and for things to get better.

patiently awaiting promotion and for things to get better.

       everything is being modified, designed, stratified, digitized, maximized then minimized, marketed, socialized, manipulated then redistributed, imitated, upgraded, patented, repackaged, reformatted, made over, made up and everyone just gives in, bows down, let’s go, fades out.
       so then do people really trust society, believe in anything or just have no choice?
       so that today for all intents and purposes becomes another slicker, faster, cheaper version of yesterday.
       everyday commits tiny actions that feel dirty inside like part of soul slowly being sold out, away.
       thus the shame.
       the shame of feeling, touch, nakedness, and dreaming- never doing but just thinking, of being passive aggressive and words over action.
       the shame of only going half way because it’s easier to follow.
       the shame, the guilt of shame.
       of everyday allowing part of self to disappear in the name of profit as everything’s so made up and cosmetic like dolls shiny and plastic.
       the guilt, of not being able to look into anyone’s eyes.
       almost no one becomes what they were dreaming.
       the guilt, the shame, the masochists and catholics, the whole religious right, third reich.
       por mi culpa, por mi culpa, por mi gran culpa.
       the guilt, the shame, still praying.
       someone sets out to be something, someone.
       americans with guns and how the west could have been won without exterminating whole nations of native americans.
       whose guilt? whose shame? in whose name?
       everything’s prepackaged for dissemination and consumption, but still believe what’s being said- that’s all there is to go on, so isn’t it just easier to take everyone’s money then? and run
       from guilt, from shame.
       ideals become corrupt as part of whole fades while days pass by and less of truth remains.
       everything heads towards the one, but that one is completely mistaken for a one that should be all.
       color shall blend towards gray as even love deteriorates.
       no one has time or emotions to invest, so everyday live life more and more like everything’s a hustle or investment.
       the guilt, the shame.
       not being able to fall asleep, without energy to leave, without anything to live for until it becomes easier to follow the herd over the cliff.
       the shame, the guilt of not being free, of everything weak like me.


65 thoughts on “patiently awaiting promotion and for things to get better.

  1. Hi I think your opening is really strong and grabs attention – particularly the bit on everything being repackaged. I like your references to the shame of passivity too and your line about even the colour of love turning to gray is for me a wake up call to stand up and be counted. Loved it and think there is a lot in there to make people like me think if we just take the time to ponder, to reflect, to search our souls… to act, to do something, to not simply be done to

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  2. Thank you for recognizing that there are those who don’t want to follow the herd over the cliff. Let’s not do that, okay? Let’s encourage one another. Let’s shake off that shame and that guilt. Thank you for writing this and connecting with me through our blogging. I look forward to hearing more from your heart.


  3. U nailed it! This was how I felt in corporate life – being half alive and soul sucked dry. Eventually the patiently awaiting promotion turned into impatiently wanting early retirement …
    On a separate note, thanks for liking my post :). Cheers

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  4. Being a dane in NYC I really get this. It’s headed the same way in my country, but it’s more elaborated here and it seems there is nowhere to hide from it. Everything we do become shallow. A pursuit of something we don’t feel. We should never pursue something we don’t feel.



  5. Your words bite, but sadly, they’re true. I’ve expressed these thoughts in different ways in various poems. I very much like your take on these issues. Sounds like you could perform this as spoken word poetry.


  6. ‘ideals become corrupt as part of whole fades while days pass by and less of truth remains.’
    I see this all around and it is easy to fall victim to this way of living. Very insightful, very pointed. Reading this reminds me that we need to live a life truer to ourselves, and yes, the entire piece reveals how much easier it is to just follow the herd.

    I think I write just to keep away the shame and the guilt; to find my true self and express it. Like your style!


  7. i still believe we can become what we dream. i am 54, and with half my life behind me i am starting anew. i dreamt of being a writer, so now i write. i love your style. thank you for reading my blog and leading me to yours.


  8. Bravo Frausto! You’ve captured so beautifully this train wreck of our corporate culture and mindset that holds most (if not all) of us in the “rat race” and the hypnotic spell of guilt and shame that so easily is used to keep us walking in lock-step with societal pressures to conform. Thanks for being You! And thanks for visiting my blog!


  9. Have you seen other people get what they deserve by awaiting?? Good and bad? Everything good we have in our lives is earned and fought for. Once in motion always in motion.. the problem is that faith works both ways, and rewards according what the faith they had deserved.
    I love what you’ve done with your artwork and remember fight the good battle!


  10. Powerful.
    As a retired teacher, I feel a bit bitter at how society has turned the power of education off and then blames the young people and the education system. Here in Canada, in spite of our strong social safety net, we are letting down the young. We encouraged them to succeed, have goals and expand their minds and talents, promising them an worthwhile occupation and that they could be socially productive.
    The rules were changed by the power brokers and they blamed the young for not playing their game.


  11. Yes on several counts. When shopping, “new and improved” turns out to mean “smaller and not as well made.” And then there’s work. where “new and improved” takes on a whole new meaning. The office that once employed 25 people now has 1 person doing the same job using a computer. It doesn’t mean the computer makes it emotionally easier, it means that person has to work 50 hours a week, sometimes more, with 24 times more the responsibility s/he once endured.

    Battling your emotions is like being at war with an enemy you can’t see, one that’s better equipped to fight and knows the terrain in ways you never can. I wonder if that’s why so many people simply choose to become prisoners of war rather than continue to fight?


  12. This is an absolutely powerful piece of work. You summarized so much of the artist’s struggle. Do you ever do spoken word? Because this piece is just begging to be read aloud with emphasis and struggle and beauty. Keep up the great work.


  13. Great words for something everybody with heart feels. The real deal is not to make the real deal, maybe stay poor but have more of what we would rather live for. Hold tight don’t slip it’s all about our friendship. How did we, who came to flee
    And start a new philosophy get caught up in a flood tide lost on the big ride until even genocide was just a way to monetize
    no money gives the big kicks the world leverage and metrics try to shake it off but it sticks unless you change and light pics
    You’re heart to change so love sticks
    Now your whole life’s an errand of caring and sharing the smiles and tears that your bearing teach the right ones you’re caring
    And gives them the strength to carry on.

    It would be very easy to go on like this for another few pages, but I really just came to say thank you for reading my work and for sharing yours.
    hinhun ehate’


  14. Thanks for liking my blog. I love this poem. My only concern is that it embraces “stuckness.” With all these truths (and oh so much more) we need mobilization. We cannot “wait for things to get better.)


    • Completely agree about not being able to wait for things to get better. I think though in this poem I was trying to identify where this feeling that so many of us have today comes from while living in this so called modern world. This poem was just one simple way for me to say, no, I am not waiting any longer, and I will not be so patient. It’s also in a way meant to be a warning of the emptiness that will fill our society if we don’t put an end to simply living to work versus working so one can live. Thanks for your comment.


  15. Very powerful piece. The opening paragraph sums up the state of affairs in our modern world, but “modern” doesn’t necessarily mean “better”. Technical progress brings on changes which are often dehumanising. I relate to the feeling of powerlessness in the last sentence: “the shame, the guilt of not being free, of everything weak like me.”

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post because it brought me to yours.


  16. Wow, the composition of this poem has me in awe. I’ve worked in places that makes me have that same mindset: refurbishing an already tarnished image for the commonwealth of the boss’s pocket as their healthcare plan lacks in security. Anywhoo, I really enjoyed reading this! Great work! (also) thanks for checking out my spoken word. Your time spent is appreciated!


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  17. My wow… It says 60 comments.. Over 200 likes!! That’s awesome getting noticed like that!! Well done on capturing the interest of so many with your words and thoughts. Thank you for liking my post.. Patience is a virtue they say… Oh how I love the real no matter how simple.. You write very well.. I hope all your dreams come true..

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  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog Fausto. I just read this poem/essay/train of thought and I agree with the others. Wow. So many words… amazingly fit together like pieces of a complex puzzle you need to look at for a long time to figure out. I will have to read again and again! To really dig into to it. And it’s Friday and almost time to go home and have a weekend 🙂 Ciao for now.

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