tsk tsk tsk, tsk.

tsk tsk tsk, tsk.

risk and world domi(dummy)nation,
bombs and terror
-ists, kamikazes and suicides.
most weapons are made in u.
and once the mideast is control-
led by u.
s.a. well then, u.
s.a. will be invincible, but
unless sum
one any resist.
before we’re forced
from the radiation.
and peace such a difficult one.
it’s hard for americans to compromise-
[go ask the indians (native americans)],
how jesus felt
about ji-
had some hope perhaps a dream,
but then everything went blank or
                         bang or
remember playing
and planning out
taking over the world?
and once the middle
east was had
access to europe
(your rope go hang from it), asia and
africa were open. perfect strategy
for u. israel’s already yours and
egypt and turkey
easily crumble. the third
world drowning in debt. soon
the whole world will be
yours. well mexico and puerto
rico for all intents and purposes
already are. perfect strategy george w.b.
and your y/ale alumni.
don’t worry no one will tell
no one that you already knew
that planes would be crashing
into new york city. no one will
tell. don’t fear
the journalists
don’t like taking
but someone from their madness saw
hope fading in destruction.
tsk.tsk.tsk. bombs going off
in the distance, for years now
that the children play in radiation
from the shells that didn’t
happen to pierce into their skin. but don’t fret
they were manufactured by u.
to imprison, kill, or bomb b(u)y american.
and if you were muslim
and he was christian
could you understand him or just bomb him.
planes crashing into buildings,
and everyone’s afraid of something
else going off
or out of its mind.
the only one left, or watch
the planet face destruction
and radiation.
perhaps, only an a
-lien invasion
can save us.


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