anything for the masses.

anything for the masses.

art, bleeding from its orifices. 
no, revolution, fleeting through space in search of 
       inspiration for the feeling of god. 

anything to be loved by the masses. 

why not be a christian humanist, and hold out a god on 
       a stick as an unreachable goal? 
and inform humans of love, which won’t be practiced, 
       but only held as an imaginary ideal. 
and accept homosexuality, so as to represent the ideas 
       of today’s population 
god will not be able to attract the masses to      his  
go out, convert all the heathens and savages, which 
       still remain. 
anything to be loved by the masses. 
the people do need heroes and idols, but their faith is 
       kindah lacking, come on god 
let’s get a cracking. 
or the masses will begin to worship political identities 
       that promise material property. 
oh, one might as well become a rock star and make the 
       little girls 
their groove thing. 
appear on m-t-v to be cool, b-e-t to be down with 
       blacks, and v-h-i for the rest. 

anything to be loved by the masses. 

but does anyone else miss the good ole’ days when the 
       village shaman would just 
                    hand out peyote and let us speak to 
                                          god directly.


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