big bang theory.

big bang theory.

winter whispers why weeping widows wander
in somber states during her solstice.

and nature replies,
“tis gloomed and clouded days to blame,
which have a tendency to lead towards sleep.”

and night awakens to be reminded
that everyday looks just like last week.

winter wanders off,
“all life must die to be reborn,
the earth as well, needs her rest
but if all i get are tears,
wretched whimpers,
well then rename me, the solstice of sadness.”

winter wandered
off into the mountains past over zarathustra.
a flash of hot air covered
like a blanket
as cold escaped
like a final breath from the atmosphere.
oceans began to dry and much of the continents
were now mostly desert.

everyone, wondered where winter was?
the earth felt her pulse weaken,
a sigh of lament across the universe.

this is the way the world ends. this is the way
the world ends.
not with a bang. not with a bang,
but with a whimper for



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