antichrist dream, 
land filled with heroes. 
crumbling idols, 
worshipping symbols 
of an empty people. 
obsessive compulsive. 
crucify time 
to better explain now. 

how to explain? 
how to understand 
the past and the present 
without eating up past the future? 
send time into a void 
to travel through space. 

from this island 
it’s hard to see 
-to hear the sea, 
to smell the flesh, 
to taste the soul, 
to feel alive. 

to be engulfed by infinite energy. 

is it a dream 
or a living desire? 
-to see it all perish 
and await resurrection 
on top of a mountain 
or deep in a jungle 
away from the concrete 
and synthetic plastics, 
but inside a universe breathing. 

entertained through thought, 
avoiding some action, 
hoping for peace 
by hiding from war. 
remove all the masks 
and how does it look? 

so, living in darkness 
is not what it seems, 
when shades begin 
to frighten the soul of the child; 
one needs to scream 
to perceive energy. 

to be engulfed by infinite energy. 


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