learning to be like everyone else.

recorded and written on 05.28.11.

   in amsterdam 2008        in amsterdam 2008      
tell me how i’m supposed to be.
tell me what i’m supposed to see
as i drown ever deeper into the sea
of an ever overflowing memory.
where exactly is it that you and i exist,
and what exactly is there that still persists?
how after hundreds of centuries,
do humans still resist
the universe’s pull back into mother nature’s womb?
is this ground space for growing seeds or just our tomb?
and i’m not sure how we make any more room anymore,
so then we got to learn to get along, don’t we?
and who exactly do we listen to?
well, not no fool on tv that’s for sure.
the world revolves and it turns.
the sun expands and it burns.
and children go to school, but never learn
anything that’s really reflecting their reality.
simply expected to fit in a box,
connect the dots, filling in bubbles,
but never to express their thoughts.

oh, but i forgot, but just for a second though
that this government’s run so corporate,
and deals get made behind closed doors
of which most of us will never know,
since records won’t get released till everyone’s gone,
and most of us will simply follow along.
seems so much more simple to just follow along
than drag my sorrow through the streets,
and go out and start screaming what it is i’m thinking,
what it is i’m feeling
about how we need to start listening to children’s poetry,
and find the young that have been the real victims of decisions
made by governments and their dissidents,
and find the young and instead of guns
hand them a camera and microphone,
so that the whole world can know
what’s become of their community and their home
because of all the violence around domestic and abroad.
we are all so far gone and already feeling so done,
but what exactly is there to be won.



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