in puerto escondido: notions 59-61.

notion 59.

carved from the stones
of the ancients,
the world’s wisdom
has been slowly fading
as shopping malls
get built up.
(you’ve) traded your country’s history
for some shiny buildings,
and (you) didn’t even get any
of the money.
all went to the company.


notion 60.

tell me a little,
but don’t you say everything
cause i can’t manage.


notion 61.

and in a box,
i keep them safe.
all of my dreams
are not for view.
afraid of ridicule,
so they can’t come true.

all safe in a box,
but dreams need air
to breathe, to live
lest they become
of dreams
the reoccurring kind.

thank you, langston.
who? you
and the kids with
the bright eyes.