dead serious.

dead serious.

just a standup comic 
whose weaknesses mock poetry, 
but some things you have to take seriously. 

just a stand up comic, 
whispering empty nothings into a larger void, 
but some things, 
not me, 
some things you have to take seriously. 

like nietzsche, dostoevsky, hell even freud, 
you have to take that seriously? 
socrates, aristotle, maybe jesus, aids or nuclear threats, 
do we take those seriously? 

just a stand up comic, 
a clown, 
not really funny. 
sorry but joke 
lacks punch lines. 
am court’s jester 
prepared for abuse, 
awaiting jury of non-peers 
to reach a verdict 
because some things, not me, 
whether anyone likes it or not, even though i’m 
     quite sorry to inform, 
have to be taken seriously. 

but then, 
just maybe, 
one day 
i’ll grow to be old enough 
and detached 
to not have to care 
or give a fuck. 

cynicism and sarcasm no longer defenses but a way of travel 

and plans for living.