dreams: imagined oceans.

dreams: imagined oceans.

imagine the oceans to be a dream;
a shrieking, crashing of waves
attempting to hold onto the earth
without being swayed away by death
and time
and decay;
attempting to make the moments last
longer than a flashing second
endlessly passing by
like hands and arms waving goodbye.

we are all children lost;
in the forest
abandoned on an island,
neglected by our governments
whose choices are more influenced
by corporate CEO’s than the voice
of the citizens.

so that
now we all feel like
everyday is spent on a conveyor belt,
and we are all some product
on an assembly line
as we’ve all become so plastic,
docile, and such trained
imbeciles and spectators;
watching online and/or on TV,
and that’s how the company
likes it,
and spends millions on advertisement
and PR on
the industry
of keeping us quiet and in line.


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