when was meets is.

when was meets is.

when i was
what i was,
thought i was
that i was.

but it was only i
the shadow i reflected
while filtering
through schemas
       and past experiences
while balancing with
my chemical imbalances
and predisposed disposition.

is this was
was this is
as who i was meant
or how i meant it was
to be, or will,
or has it all already
       been decided?
can i still become
       and go over?


9 thoughts on “when was meets is.

    • I don’t know, it depends, usually pieces don’t take me long to write as a lot of it initially is stream of consciousness. It’s the editing that takes a while as it take multiple readings for me to feel comfortable with sharing.

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      • Thanks for sharing that. In your last poen, the words reminded me of a stream. I could see your reflection as the stream flowed through a city, falling smoothly over granite and concrete. I wanted to know where it was going. Super writing.


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